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Maggie8 are an indie folk band from Leeds. Their sound juxtaposes Eastern harmonies with Western sensibilities. A 'Hindi Housemartins' if you will. From Mumbai to Wetherby via lullabies and play fights Maggie8 create massive tunes to live your life by.


Maggie 8 are: Nivedita Pisharoty (vocals and bass), Mark Wright (vocals, guitar and banjo), Peter Mottram (keyboards), Dominic Hand (trumpet and melodica), James Mann (guitar), Matt Figgis (drums), Gavin Meagher (spiritual advisor and west coast correspondent)

Mumbai - Wetherby - Red Stripe - Normans - Hindi - Housemartins - Red Trousers - Lullabies - Hikes - Hope - Witchcraft - Scratch Cards - Wednesday Nights - The Sea - Play Fights - Fights - Fish Sauce - Shanties - Keep Calm - Carry On

Things People Say About Maggie8

"Delightfully unique and inspiringly sprightly" -

"There are few bands that create their own genre but Maggie8 have done exactly that. The music they make incorporates western folk and indie styles with Hindi Raags and elements of Bollywood. A strange mix at first glance but what is stranger, is just how well it works." -

"[Maggie8] create beautiful, ethereal music that is both calming and stirring at the same time." - BBC Introducing

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